Over the past 30 years, KAP Group has achieved a beautiful transformation from small workshops to large enterprises.

  On the afternoon of April 18, the group held the "30th Anniversary Celebration of KAP Group and the Opening Ceremony of the New Casting House of the Alloy Factory" in Taishan Kam Kiu Aluminum Extrusion Plant Co., Ltd.  Mr. Wen Junjun, Vice Chairman of China Nonferrous Metals Association, Mr. Mo Jinqiang, Deputy Minister of Education and Science Department of Liaison Office, Mr. Li Zhengci, former Minister of Education and Science Department of Liaison Office, Mayor Randy Hope, Mayor of Chatham Kent, Canada, Mr. Lin Weiqin, Mr. Ye Rongchao, Mr. Mei Xinyi, Mr. Tan Liangwei and Mr. Chen Junli from Taishan government went to congratulate. Customers, suppliers and “KAP staffs" from all over the world witnessed this historical moment on the scene.

  After 30 years of hard work, Mr. Lei Liquan, CEO of KAP, told reporters that Mr. Ken Lei, the investor and founder of KAP Group, is an Australian Chinese. Today, 30 years ago, with passion and dreams, he set up Shiqiao Foundry in Dajiang Town, Taishan City, and began his arduous entrepreneurial journey. From the recycling of scrap aluminum to produce alloy ingots, to the production of aluminum profiles in 1991, and subsequent investment in anodized and coating production lines, the group expanded its extrusion and coating production capacity in 1995, 2005 and 2007, respectively.

  Today, the group has 31 extrusion production lines with an annual output of more than 100,000 tons, providing customers with one-stop services from melting casting, mold design and processing, extrusion, coating or anodizing surface treatment to deep processing.

 (April 2013)


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